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Do you have a better relationship with your online gamer friends than your real life ones?
Do you take serious offense when someone calls you a geek, and means it as an insult?

Yeah, us too. That, and so many other reasons, is why we're bringing you a world of nerds, gamers, geeks, cosplayers, otaku, goths, and punk, packed into a little convention right here in North Florida.
ALT*Con seeks to bridge the great expanse of fandoms, and bring a little harmony to our bit of the universe. With vendors ranging from comic book dealers to handmade crafts and t-shirts, this is a place where the more different you are, the more normal you'll seem! The only thing we won't have is hate, so, suit up, and let your geek and/or freak flag fly at ALT*Con: Tallahassee 2014.
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Costume Contests

Children and General contest, and an all-ages Cosplay. Do you have what it takes?
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Two days worth of panels. Everything from Self Publishing to Costume creation.
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A gaming room dedicated to table top gaming. Tournaments will be held.
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Over 80 vendors and artisans to shop with.

  • Tech Blog Without A Name

    "With this year’s excellent attendance, it appears that ALT*Con will become a fixture in Tallahassee, as well as attracting future events here. ALT*Con had something to offer for everyone."


    "ALT*Con an unquestionable success. Tallahassee made a strong case for an annual nerd convention."

  • Bio Gamer Girl

    "ALT*Con Florida Uniting Gaming, Art, Science Fiction, a one day only event unlike any other."

  • Ricky Kent

    "There’s no shortage of diversity in terms of science fiction or fantasy references was pretty intoxicating, and people in Tallahassee were swept up in the atmosphere just as much as I was."

  • Capital City Villager

    "ALT*Con has taken Tallahassee by storm!"

  • Jeremy King

    "Tallahassee needed this. You're the real super hero for making this a reality. Here's to many more years of success!"

  • Love Me Knots

    "I had a great time at ALTCon this year. The turn out was more than I expected and I am already looking forward to next year!"

  • The Bookshelf

    "Congratulations, to all of the organizers of the first ALT*Con! We're proud to be a sponsor!"